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When Moving on will never be an Option.


      It’s hard to move on when the only thing that connects you to your Angels are the moments that breaks your heart every time you are reminded of them. Thinking, if you let go and moved on it might make you forget them. that the only thing making them feel real and close to you are the sadness and pain you feel..

      It feels unfair for them when you are happy, or when you’re enjoying the time. you just want to mourn and mourn and mourn..

      You just want to make them feel that you’re still hurt for their lost and you’ll always be hurt because they are no longer with you..

And you feel that moving on will never be your option..

When Crying is just a normal routine of your every day life. and simple things reminds you of them..

yes, moving on was and will never be an option..

(For my Beautiful  Twin Angels Kirsten and Kaitlyn. Mommy will never forget the happiness both of you brought to my life. I Love you..)

September 30 (Worst day of 2013)

actually gusto ko lang talaga pakita dito yung cellphone na hawak ko.. :)

yes, that WAS my iPhone 4s and this picture was taken last year, kasagsagan pa lang ng panahon na bagong bili pa lang siya.. 

let me tell you guys a story, noon kasi wala ako pambili ng phone, pero dahil gustong gusto ko mag ka iphone nag trabaho talaga ko ng mabuti makuha lang siya and *POOF* ayan na may phone na ko after a month..

so one year plus din yun.. then last sept 30 papasok ako sa office nilagay ko siya sa bulsa ng pants ko na mababaw. kinakapa ko pa nga kasi baka nga maiwan ko.. pero sa di ko alam na dahilan pag baba ko ng taxi at pag akyat sa office tsaka ko lang naalala na naiwan ko yung phone ko.. di ko man lang nakuha yung plate number or so whatever

so syempre eto na lang nagawa ko..

nakakainis ng bongga kasi ang careless ko.. 

and yung idea na pinag hirapan ko pa naman siya makuha last year.. 

yung memories na natapunan ko pa siya ng bacardi nung nasa bar kami dahil sa sobrang kalasingan ko na nag mark ng almost 1week sa screen yung basa at nangamoy alak siya. yung tipong nakailang bagsak na ko sa kanya pero ayun umiilaw at gumagana pa, at yung tipong ilang beses na niya ko binuwisit kasi ilang beses na niyang dinedelete yung contacts ko ng wala man lang pasabi.. nakakainis kasi di yung phone mamimiss ko kundi yung mga pictures ng pamilya, aso, at mga barkada ko na nandun (kasama na selfie).

but to tell you honestly naaccept ko na din naman kasi 1year ko na din nagamit yung phone na yun.. kaya kung sino man kumuha sa cp ko or kung si mamang driver man yun, paki ingatan na lang po.. madami kami memories niyan!


seriously! it’s been 2 years since i last updated this thing with no help from the queue. hahahah. and im no longer sure on how to use it.. a little help please?

well anyway, so what’s new? still the same old blogs with lots of repost and no original ideas, i see.. so it wont be hard for me to fit in again.. just kiddin! so this is what i’ll promise myself. i will try my best not to reblog any stupid things out of the blue! (jeez! hope i can do it) and i also promise to post any stupid ideas i may have in the future (yey for me, sad for all those readers out there. hahaha)

i have a lot of catching up to do. and a lot of stories to tell so for now just wanna say..

Sad truth

Humans change for the people they love they, tend to forget themselves to please other people. Trying to be better in the eyes of others, locking their own personality in some secret door.

It’s sad really, because this is happening to people without them knowing, thinking that what they are doing is normal. First you’ll try to change your laugh in accordance to how others laugh just to look normal, in sync when they all laugh.
Then your clothings. for people with friends you’d copy each others fashion styles. In relationships it’s more different you’d dress up so that your man won’t look at other girls. You’ll dress up so that you’ll gain appraisals from your partner. And then when you’ve already changed even you’re ideas and ways of thinking change.
Before you just dont care what others think about you, your opinions matter. It does not matter if you’ll hurt anyone as long as you’ve said what needs to be heard. But when you’re getting involve with people your mind setting changes. You have to double think stuff. What you want is no longer in the options. Its always what they want, what makes them happy, what won’t hurt them. Your happiness is no longer that important, your opinions are now heard only in your head. Stuff that you do not want are the stuffs you are exPeriencing daily.
But at the end of the day, you’ll realize life is much better this way. Life is better caring what Others think. You just have to know when to stop changing and change only the things that hurts other people. Yes, you dont have to copy your friends fashion styles. Make your own identity, be unique. So what if you’re different, there are lots of different people out there and they are happy.

Your opinions matter just don’t shove it on peoples face. learn how to listen and know when to talk. If you think your words are important so are the words of other people. Learn how to handle a relationship. You’re partner loves you because of your own unique personality. Changing because you think it will be better for the relationship might not be a good idea. Communication is the best way in making a relationship work. Respect each others opinions and qualities never change someone for your own benefit. Love their flaws and you’ll make it through thick and thin..

Wala lang. :))

Be happy on what you have..

you will never know when that something will end.

  the feeling that im having now na lagi na lang may sana? whenever i look back and remember how ungrateful i was with my old life all i want to do is kick myself at the back. Yung times na ang pinoproblema ko lang ay internet connection, prof., baon and usual college student dilemmas.

   Now because of my stubbornness, i have to grow up fast. kala ko masaya maging independent. kala ko masaya ng wala parents na nangengeelam. sa una lang pala. it really is hard. you are being torned wth your studies and work.

    Pag tumigil ka sa work pano ka mag-aaral pag tumigil ka sa pag-aaral para saan pa yung pag ttrabaho mo? so please to all of you na nakakapag aral be HAPPY because you can. 

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